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AC Milan is the second group say wrong

After the game, the fans happy commented that the team really has the passion and fighting spirit, even in the case of physical decline, is also working on the completion of their defensive believe these people on the field, and compared to last season, and nothing much changes. The opening on the goal, to win the season opener, no doubt, will help the team, put down a FIFA 15 Coins heavy psychological burden to bear on last season. Just after the start, Keisuke Honda scored quickly, allowing the game to cater to this growing technical and tactical characteristics of AC Milan, which is defensive back in the direction of change of the same, we believe that the campaign's victory will result tie Kat's team, win more confident. At least, before filled with pessimism, depression Milan fans, there will be a more positive and optimistic attitude of. Italian media at the scene also noted that before the game, always reticent Abbiati, who at the venue have been some quite passionate mobilization, the next game, the players ran on the field and help each other with, and this has been seen in the San Siro stadium scene a long time.

For example, Keisuke Honda, in his usual position, or there will be some mistakes, but he was put into a 100 percent running very positive, never missed a counterattack, which for the experience of the second half of last season after the race, accustomed to its poor performance of the fans, it is unimaginable, it is precisely this point, it is precisely this attitude, Cheap FIFA 15 Coins it is Inzaghi requirements for each player. Of course, for now, we can not because of a victory, it finds that Milan has healed, has gained new life, and you can put Inzaghi postgame celebration, and Juventus coach Conti par the first season, but no one can deny, and last season Allegri, Seedorf compared, we indeed see, Inzaghi give the team changed, as well as the collective, is to follow the young coach orders.

AC Milan is the second group say wrong? ! To copy the new array Romanesque Revival track Milan positioning this season, in fact, is a very difficult thing. Before the season, the Italian mainstream media that, AC Milan won the group's followers only, that is, belong to the second group, which predicts a large extent, and the team's poor performance last season, and the 2014 summer warm-up Buy FIFA 15 Coins when poor performance is closely linked. But now, we have such a feeling, at least there are so part of the 2014 summer, Milan, and learn from the Sabatini that support the formation of Rome, from the first battle, the Lopez, Alex, Menezes et al. performance, are still quite satisfactory. And AC Milan in the "farewell" Balotelli, while retaining the Chaaraoui. Pharaoh crazy to retrieve a small loss on the season, time for Milan and the Italian national team, became his real home, and Inzaghi's technical characteristics and tactical defensive back, and small Pharaoh is consistent (which Alegre and Clarence Seedorf in different circumstances), all of Milan who are now able to look forward to, that is possessed by the demons of last season as injuries, can stay away from the Italian football real hope. FIFA 15 Coins http://www.fifa15buy.com

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Milan officially announced 7 million

Milan yaoxing leave was officially announced six million Euro transfer to sign five-year Portuguese Serie A giants AC Milan star Bu Ruian - Chris Tante leave Benfica was officially announced, it is learned that he and Portuguese giants signed a five-year contract, for a fee of six million euros. Chris Tante aged 19, midfield, Italy U19 striker, AC Milan youth system trained players into the first team in 2011. December 6, 2011 and Plzen in the Champions League, Chris Tante substitute Robinho AC Milan played to become the youngest player in the FIFA 15 Coins history of the Champions League, but for all competitions AC Milan third young players. Although Chris Tante has amazing football talent, but did not get reused AC Milan last season, played only four times in all competitions, scoring one goal, but also the entire Milan career appearances five times. Last March, Chris Tante and AC Milan to renew a contract to the 2018 summer, due to the Rossoneri get home opportunity, Nova finally decided to leave Italy, AC Milan Adriano Galliani giants interview disclosure, in order not enemies with the Rossoneri, Chris Tante decided to join overseas clubs, "Chris Tante want to join a foreign team, he did not want the enemy with AC Milan." It should be noted that, on Benfica Portuguese super League runner-up last season to get the new season, Chris Tante can travel with the team to play the Champions League.

Milan officially announced 7 million to sign striker five new signings harvest this summer 10 standard king Serie A giants AC Milan trading after the announcement Biabiany abortion, the first time finalized Bonaventura, the Rossoneri to Atlanta paid seven million euros transfer fee, and Bonaventura signed with AC Milan a five-year contract, the contract period to June 30, 2019. Bonaventura Cheap FIFA 15 Coins is AC Milan this summer, the first 10 signings, after Lamy, Alberta Qi, Fanjinkeer, Lopez, Aga Qi, mene, Alex, Alberto Romero and Torres and other nine players has joined Milan Nello. Bonaventura, now 25 years old, the functional attacking midfielder, Italian internationals, Atlanta trained youth system players into the first team in 2007. So far, representatives of Atlanta Bonaventura played 101 times in all competitions, scoring 19 goals; 2013, Bonaventura completed his debut in the Italian national team, but he did not participate in this summer held in Brazil World Cup.

According to Italian media say, AC Milan signing Bonaventura reason is because the Rossoneri on Biabiany transfer came a cropper, AC Milan, in fact, social networks have announced the official signing ago Buy FIFA 15 Coins Inter Milan winger, French players and even put away the Rossoneri jersey, unfortunately, involved in the Zaccardo in Biabiany transactions, this fullback despite the adoption of Parma examination, but it treatment of the individual players, the two sides did not reach an agreement, leading to the transaction abortion, AC Milan and then the first time to finalize the Biabiany replacement. FIFA 15 Coins http://www.fifa15buy.com

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Everyone clear Balotelli's talent and problems

Although there is no goal, the British media but then he praised Canada, Sky Sports, said:. "Balotelli's first show was very successful," Gerrard told Sky Sports News also said he would very much like when Balotelli is witnessing how to integrate into the Liverpool system. Rather than integrated into the tactical quicker progress on the relationship between the players Cheap FIFA 15 Coins , the field before the game, Balotelli, Sturridge and Stirling with warm, very smooth exchange of Trident are talking and laughing. More interestingly, although Balotelli came less than a week, but it has changed some things inside Liverpool, before becoming a striker to score, Balotelli first put their own role in the DJ he chose the new music in the form of Liverpool's dressing room. Gerrard said: "He has done quite a few things, he changed our locker room music, rockabilly put on the bus also." Everyone clear Balotelli's talent and problems, like Rogers had to be reminded that, as a last chance to join Liverpool Balotelli, but the first show good results, but like Steven Gerrard looking forward to it, "he of course, with a strong talent and ability, I trained with him 2-3 times, great, move quickly, if he can control his behavior, we look and see. "

Chelsea officially announced the signing 10,500,000 Arsenal lock front Pa KO 4 years in length Beijing time on August 30 evening, Chelsea officially announced the signing of Queens Park Rangers (QPR) France striker Remy, the two sides signed a four-year contract, for a fee of 10.5 million pounds. Remy aged 27 last season on loan at Newcastle, QPR, and then became the first Buy FIFA 15 Coins card Magpies striker, scored 14 goals in 26 appearances. Meanwhile, Remy has represented the French national team 24 times and scored five goals, he was Brazil's World Cup campaign in France this summer one. After the end of last season, QPR from Newcastle to Remy recovery, but the French people have been expected to join the wealthy do not hide their desire. Liverpool and QPR had once agreed on the introduction of Remy, but the mistake occurred because of a medical examination, the deal at the last moment to declare bathing. But the Chelsea Remy successfully passed the examination, did not let the opportunity to once again join the wealthy away from the fingertips. FIFA 15 Coins http://www.fifa15buy.com

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Rome spent 12 million euros

Chelsea, Manchester United, Bayern PK grab 25 million Great God exposed Van Gaal refused to purchase Dimaliya Rojo will join the count, a total of only bought Manchester United this summer, including Herrera and Luke - Shaw, including three people, including Luke - Shaw is still in injuries among. Taking into account the historic first round in the Premier League defeat at home to FIFA 15 Coins Swansea, which allow people to buy Manchester United must continue to reinforce the current weak lineup. Because of this Mladic, veteran defender Patrice Evra and Ferdinand three divisions leave Manchester United must buy an experienced defensive player as soon as possible. It is reported that Manchester United is looking at Serie A Roma main defender Benatia. Morocco striker is widely regarded as the best defender in Serie A last season, the 27-year-old last season, he played 32 times in Serie A, 69 steals and 214 times the performance of the rescue team to help Roma 38 games, lost only 25 league goals.

Last summer, Rome spent 12 million euros from Udinese introduce Benatia. With last season's performance, he attracted a congregation giants of the competition. According to the "Daily Mirror" message, Rome has given Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Chelsea transfer target Benatia delimitation of the transfer deadline, this defender must be selected under the house in August 24, or Cheap FIFA 15 Coins select stay in Rome. Italian capital team hopes to sell 25 million pounds of Benatia to help Manchester City striker Roman quoted Vidic. According to the "Daily Telegraph" reported that Manchester United also want to win the former Arsenal Tieyao Alexander - Song. It is reported that Barcelona has allowed the song to be free loan, he is likely to return to the Premier League, Manchester United, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur will want to be able to get before the transfer window closes Song. Although Galatasaray and Italian clubs interested in signing Song, but the players I still intend to return to the Premiership. Barcelona had hoped to price around £ 8,000,000 direct sale to sell it in Cameroon striker. However, the current La Liga giants prefer Song out on loan.

Previously rumored Manchester United go close with two players seem to have missed this summer to join the Red Devils. Although the Red Devils with 45 million worth of Real Madrid winger Di Maria had contacted players together, although at a news conference, Van Gaal once said: "Now, we are missing a lineup that can help us to open our lack of width offensive winger. like C Ronaldo and Buy FIFA 15 Coins Di Maria as the top wingers. "but according to the" Daily mirror newspaper, "citing United insider said Van Gaal for Dimaliya no interest. This summer, Manchester United at the behest of Louis van Gaal will not quoted Fabregas, allowing players to select successfully joined Chelsea coach preferences visible enough for Manchester United signings strategy will play a key role. FIFA 15 Coins http://www.fifa15buy.com

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Barcelona officially announced this summer

74950000 Europe! Angels Offer Real Madrid team history Ezu less invasive him 25 million Beijing time on August 27 morning, the Manchester United official announcement to 59.7 million pounds, or about 74.5 million euros in the price, from Real Madrid to sign Argentine star Mary. Recalling the Galacticos these years, both the seven stars of the star-studded, there are FIFA 15 Coins numerous players were ruthlessly swept aside, then Sohu sports together with your inventory sold to Real Madrid in these high net worth players. Before the summer transfer window closing in 2013, to 50 million euros Real Madrid Ozil sold to Arsenal, not only created the most expensive signings in team history record gunmen, but also created the Galacticos players transferred out of history The most expensive record.

Previously, that title belongs to the Brazilian Robinho, Real Madrid in the summer of 2008 will be sold to Manchester City teenager cycling and successfully from Blue Moon who earn a lot of money income of Cheap FIFA 15 Coins 43 million euros. Ranked third in the Argentine star Higuain, in order to raise transfer funds to Bell, Higuain has become a victim of the Welsh people, last summer he was worth 37 million euros switch to Serie A Napoli. Ranked No. 5 is played for the Shanghai Shenhua Anelka, he was Florentino in 2000 to 34.5 million euros in the price sold to Paris Saint-Germain. Section 6 of the England star Michael Owen, in the shadow of Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, David Beckham and other stars of the golden boy still can not be reused in the summer of 2005 to 25 million back to the Premier League prices. From 7-10 in the high turn out players were: Clarence Seedorf, Robben, Redondo and Makelele.

Barcelona officially announced this summer, the seventh sign 5.5 million to finalize the Brazilian iron gates Beijing time on August 27, Barcelona officially announced Douglas - Pereira joined Brazilian Buy FIFA 15 Coins right-back contract with Barcelona for five years, for a fee of 4 million, and another 1.5 million euros of floating provisions. Douglas is the introduction of the seventh reinforcements Barcelona this summer, the team in the transfer market already who spent 167 million euros. Barca right-back position of weakness, not good at defense had Alves, with increasing age, a marked decline in the status of the last two seasons, but Montoya and inexperienced teenager, had been chasing Barcelona boast Dela Duo, but the asking price is too high because of Florence, Barcelona had the goal of turning Douglas. FIFA 15 Coins http://www.fifa15buy.com

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Taking into account Real Madrid

J Rochester Real Madrid also need time to conquer the end he was really far away Dimaliya "Three strikers can not every game full debut, this time if we do not Hamei Si is impossible." This is Ancelotti at Real Madrid's 2-0 win over Cordoba match press conference on said. Ha Meisi - Rodriguez in the starting identity began his La Liga debut, but in the first 73 minutes was FIFA 15 Coins Isco replaced. As the Brazilian World Cup's most compelling star, Colombian star's performance did not meet the current Real Madrid fans expectations. You know as a midfielder, Hamei Si - Rodriguez in the French league last season, scoring nine goals, 12 assists and dedication, such data is much higher than other midfielders.

"I qualified for any position in the front court, the coach asked me to play where to play what." In the star-studded Real Madrid, Ha Meisi seem so humble, Ancelotti at Real Madrid on the 10th campaign in more Cheap FIFA 15 Coins in left activities. Compared to the European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup, Colombian midfielder become more willing to shoot himself, according to Opta statistics, the audience - Rodriguez completed a total of four-foot shot, which the two feet hit the door frame this is a rare Real Madrid players over C Lo someone on the number of shots. In addition, Rodriguez ball 64 times, completed 40 passes, passing success rate of 92.5%, while in defense Colombians are also considered active, completed two tackles and an interception.

Taking into account Real Madrid have three strikers up front, Hamei Si - Rodriguez's position in Colombia after he was closer than when the team, the ball is also more limited degree of freedom, but he still has a wonderful Buy FIFA 15 Coins performance from time to time , such as the first 25 minutes, when Tony - Cross shot blocked by an opposing player, the frontier closed area of Ha Meisi - Rodriguez quite spirituality to send a cross, but unfortunately the plug is not a Ramos full-time striker. Colombian midfielder has been able to skillfully and Real Madrid with the biggest names in the first 53 minutes, Benzema is and cooperation in frontier closed area allowed the opportunity to get a shot, but unfortunately the same luck this time could not stand Colombians side, rubbing his right-hand post Tui bottom line. FIFA 15 Coins http://www.fifa15buy.com

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He is an excellent player of Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid on the final moments handball inside the restricted area: "This is a clear handball, we should have to get a penalty, but this referee is concerned, this is not an easy game." About Mary: "I have said many times FIFA 15 Coins , Mary is a Real Madrid player when I want to use him, I'll use the other he did not.." About Atletico aggressive: "This is quite normal Atletico usually played very aggressive with high strength, this is not big news." About "Simone Di Maria Real Madrid boast the best" remarks: "He is an excellent player of Real Madrid, a member of Real Madrid may have forgotten Simeone has many good players, such as Bell, scored the go-ahead goal in the final in Lisbon I am very fortunate to have so many good players. "

On the second leg: "The next game for us is a field challenge because Calderon stadium is not a easy we will do our best so that we can continue this performance, we will be champions.." About the draw: "We controlled the game after scoring Cheap FIFA 15 Coins , but alone in positioning the ball made a mistake." About Hamei Si - Rodriguez: "He's done a good job, as the team played very well, as he scored the first goal to join Real Madrid, which will make him more confident.." About Casillas: "On the grain lost the ball, which can not blame Casey, Casey did not make a fighting chance, because there are other players in front of him, I have decided a good keeper league, but I can not now.? said. "

Real Madrid vice-captain Ramos also post-match interview, Ramos said the defense lost the ball because of mistakes: "That grain lost the ball belongs to us commit mistakes, we do not keep an eye on people, which in football is Buy FIFA 15 Coins a very common thing. "Ramos continued: "I do not think Mary wants to leave Real Madrid and I hope he's okay .C Luo, can catch the second round of penalty Yes, it was a very clear penalty, but this is?.? football. " FIFA 15 Coins http://www.fifa15buy.com

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Rooney rub column out of the door

Hodgson disappointed to say that when Suarez scored the second goal, England're out. In fact, in England there could theoretically qualify. If Italy beat tomorrow, Costa Rica, and Uruguay in the final round to beat FIFA 14 Coins England in the final round can beat Costa Rica, it will be possible to finish the group stage on goal difference advantage.Huang: Uruguay presence of God as both teams Su Fan Zhiyi: England can not afford to win
Beijing early morning of June 20 Group D World Cup second round group match before a game, England 1 to 2 loss to Uruguay. Famous football commentator and former internationals Fan Zhiyi Huang on the game made comments.

Before the game, firing back for Suarez, Fan Zhiyi, commented: "This injury has suspended Uruguay, it is difficult for them to test large formations very difficult Suarez comeback, the game state is not necessarily. able to Cheap FIFA 14 Coins get it back, the injury may not be shore so it seems England have an advantage, but the advantage does not necessarily translate into goals. Suarez is fight, fight for the country, which may affect his career. But I think his choice was right. really affect the future if the words on the pity, then touched the wound or twisted words will be very troublesome. "

In the case of England, Huang said: "England are now afraid to use them no good Manchester United defender Smalling and Jones, Manchester United last season bad a draw barely acceptable, fight Coaster Rica overall competition in Italy. Good. Rooney has played in three World Cups but until now have not been to the ball, he actually a lot of pressure. "The first half, 10 minutes, Godin Buy FIFA 14 Coins restricted area before the handball foul. They commented: "Physical limited Ge Dingou final crown on the last game he did not run last, I can see very clearly that physical decline is definitely a handball foul to give yellow cards, this is deliberate handball.. "Rooney rub column out of the door, Huang exclaimed:"! Ah ball to fly out with the feeling of the first half of ballistic, cruise missiles, like the ball just before half all right, but in the end the ball on a high, "Fan Zhiyi. said: "If you choose to send the ball over from the left hand side of a person's head, it should went into." Buy FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com   

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If in a hurry to sell people

Paris Saint-Germain on loan to Real Madrid refused Dimaliya requirements. It is reported that a large Paris had hoped to lease out 10 million euros Dimaliya a season, next season and then to 55 million euros to introduce Argentine star. But Real Madrid believe that this strategy is not feasible, because UEFA may also shot blocked, but Real Madrid are also worried about the future of the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins transfer can not be guaranteed. Paris Saint-Germain is to introduce Mary, but they have to first decide who to sell. If in a hurry to sell people, it is difficult to sell at a good price. Mary was in a hurry, because he really did not want to return to Real Madrid to participate in training. During the World Cup, he said he did not know where his future, but Real Madrid has always stressed that Mary has a contract with Real Madrid, but the contract was going to expire in 2018.

"Aspen Daily" editor Alfredo pointed out that all the cleaning operations at Real Madrid, the real Mary is a controversial transfer, because the Argentines are very useful for the Real Madrid player. The main problem is Buy FIFA 14 Coins that Florentino never really liked Mary, while the Argentines have perceived this, he felt himself at Real Madrid failed to pay to get a fair return, so leave anyway. And Mary go, Florentino is willing, after all, a high Dimaliya worth, although Real Madrid is not bad money, but if a player can sell at high prices to balance revenues and expenditures do this is a good thing.

Alfredo says, Mary wanted to leave, it is well understood, because he is a rare case. He is Real Madrid on the right of the main, the same level of the players, the introduction of Real Madrid from the outside, you need to spend 100 million euros. Di Maria Real Madrid won the Champions League hero Block 10, in the World Cup performance is very good, but he found that the introduction of Real Madrid this summer or two players, but also the most expensive J Lo also a direct threat to the position Dimaliya . Ancelotti is now experiencing a big problem FIFA 14 Coins . Real Madrid next season beginning stages of poor performance, a big reason Isco kick in the attacking midfielder, arrange BBC frontcourt combination of circumstances, Real Madrid will be divided into two, into a 4-2-4, the midfield is very difficult, after Ancelotti sacrificed Isco, so Mary never tired of playing, the team was to restore balance. If Dimaliya leave, let J Lo kick Argentine position, Real Madrid may be in trouble again last season. J Lo's position closer to the top, Ancelotti will have to continue to explore. FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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The game not starting Mascherano Zia

The game not starting Mascherano Zia, Changyouyoudou become a captain. Lot as left back, Changyouyoudou appeared in the right back position, and if the right partner is always active in Natan, FIFA 14 Coins from start to finish has been a threat to Rome. Match the first 69 minutes, Changyouyoudou is scored 1 goal, Danbu Rocio cross from the left point after being Astori rubs, unmarked Changyouyoudou on small closed angle volley hit beam along the bomb forward, Inter Milan expand the score. Changyouyoudou goals and are very excited, and melon forest also plays a sumo action celebration. Although last season was the team's third shooter, but broke with the captain's armband for Changyouyoudou for the first time.

Changyouyoudou once in the first leg of last season's Milan derby take over the captain's armband when Cambiasso end, and handed the captain's armband Changyouyoudou, a Japanese in the Milan derby put on such an important occasion big club captain's armband, which is an honor, but also a responsibility. Zanetti and Esteban Cambiasso after both left the team captain and vice captain will need to re-determine the position of candidates, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Mascherano Zia will become the new captain of Inter Milan, although no official confirmation, but and Mascherano Zia At the same time came Changyouyoudou team will of course be the vice-captain of Inter Milan. Mascherano Zia last season at Inter Milan and without a stable playing time this season Mazari promised to try four defender formation, starting Italians still not guaranteed, Changyouyoudou in the new season will also be used to wear a symbol of honor and the responsibility of the captain's armband.

"I am very happy for the goal, of course, I am more pleased the team's performance and I and if Natan on the right with a very understanding, but I also need to continue training, I now know that 70 percent of their state." Buy FIFA 14 Coins Changyouyoudou Du said after the game. Japan's World Cup team performed poorly, Changyouyoudou play can not be flattering, ended early World Cup tour, Changyouyoudou began eyeing next season, ahead of the end of the vacation, with continuous training began to return to their own state. FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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